PCB Manufacturer Offers Services across Florida, California, and Texas

Chicago Circuits has been manufacturing a wide range of high quality PCBs since 1995. We provide a broad variety of PCBs, whether the requirements are a basic PCB prototype, or a complex, high volume PCB production. We provide high quality services to the electronic industry across Florida, California, Texas, and the rest of The United States and aim to satisfy all your PCB requirements.

Our expertise lies in manufacturing high quality circuits that include the production of Multilayer Boards (up to 12 layers), Double-Sided, and Single Sided PCBs. We specialize in quick turn PCB prototypes , and will cater production orders of any size apart from Epoxy via Plug.

Chicago Circuits aims to provide the best quality and the best service in the business. We use high-grade material combined with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment to ensure top quality, long lasting PC boards at competitive prices.

Our work station is a modern facility including separate air conditioning and humidity systems for screening, artwork, photo print and general fabrication area.

Chicago Circuits-The Most Reliable PCB Manufacturer

Chicago Circuits aims to build a strong customer satisfaction community. We always work to maintain good relations with our customers by manufacturing custom PC boards of high quality as per their requirements. At every given opportunity, we put our sincere efforts to fulfill all your requirements.

It is most profitable to choose Chicago Circuits for your PCB requirements as we provide:

We pride ourselves on catering the needs of the electronic industry, and offering the best customized PC boards with impeccable services and competitive prices. Chicago Circuits has remained a reliable source for quality PCBs, as we always look forward to offer you the best.

Should you require further details or more information, please contact us at 847-238-1623 or click here to upload your file for a no obligation quote.